Live feed of the ISS HD Earth Viewing Experiment paired with relaxing music.


Let's Go!

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Pale Blue Dot is best when watched with relaxing and chill music in the background. Choose from the playlists below, courtesy of Soundcloud.

  • Mellow
  • Interstellar Soundtrack
  • Chill
  • Electronic
  • Piano
  • Ambient

Select the live feed you'd like to watch. Live & Onboard are dark for half the time as the ISS goes to the night side of Earth.

Switch feed every 2 minutes

  • Live + Pre-recorded mix
  • Earth View
  • Onboard

Pale Blue Dot is a modified version of Hyperlax by @taykcrane. Send him your thanks!

If you want to contribute to Pale Blue Dot, please reach out to me @joshfng


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